Peace of mind is essential to giving. We use the latest technology and safeguards to protect your private personal information.


Maximize the impact of your giving. Our pricing strategy makes processing charges far less than our competitors.


Over the last decade eGive has processed over $125 million in transactions for our 50,000 users.


We exist to make giving simple and cost effective for the local church so they can spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world around us.


Online Giving

Options abound with eGive! Create scheduled or one-time gifts, give to unlimited directed giving funds, allow your congregation to pay for special events, and much more. get started »

Scheduled Gifts
Recurring Gifts
Multiple Funds
Payment Options
Encrypted Connection

TXT to Give

Perfect for raising campaign or project awareness quickly and reaching your base givers in times of need. This service comes FREE with our ACH service. learn more »

No Carrier Fees
Rapid Campaign Awareness
Payment Options
Encrypted Connection

Giving Kiosks

Our iPad giving kiosks bring a simple and attractive presence to any sanctuary or event venue. The intuitive interface makes giving simple and efficient. learn more »

On-site Giving
Simple & Efficient
Payment Options
Encrypted Connection


ACH (eCheck)

$37 a month

  • $.22 / transaction
  • No Percentage Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Batch Fee

Credit Card

$20 a month

  • $.32 / transaction
  • + 0.15%
    per transaction
  • $76 / year PCI fee
  • No Setup & Batch Fee
  • Requires ACH

TXT to Give


  • No Monthly Fees
  • Transaction Fees Apply
  • No Carrier Fees
  • Requires ACH

Giving Kiosk

$60 a month

  • $260 One-time Setup
  • Hardware costs apply
  • Multi-Kiosk Plans Available
  • Transaction Fees Apply

eGive FAQs

Why don’t you offer flat rate pricing like other companies?

The simple answer is that it costs churches more money. We have found that our cost+ pricing structure ultimately works to save your church money over the flat rate pricing plans of our competitors.

Will this create more work for our administrative team?

eGive assimilates easily into your current administrative work flow, and often saves our churches time and effort when it comes to accounting for tithes and offerings.

Why should I pay for something that I can collect with an offering basket for free?

Studies have consistently shown that we are quickly becoming a cashless society. Credit and debit cards are quickly replacing cash, and many in the rising generations have stopped writing checks altogether. eGive allows your congregation one more way to worship through giving, in a way that removes traditional barriers to giving.

How long does it take to get started with eGive?

We can have your church up and running within seven business days. Contact Us to get started.

The Interchange Fee is the fee charged by banks that issue credit cards for the privilege of using the card. Put simply, this is the way that Visa and Mastercard make money. The Interchange Rate varies based on the type of card (debit, basic credit card, rewards card, etc) and the transaction type. This fee is also adjusted twice a year by Visa and Mastercard.